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Mafia PC full download gratis + dicas e truques


Misc. Unlockables
UnlockableHow to Unlock
No Pedestrians or Police in Freeride modeComplete The Game

Unlock Free Ride Extreme mode
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock Free Ride Extreme modeFinish all missions

Quick Reload
While reloading, perform a sideways roll. Your weapon will be reloaded instantly.

All Free Ride Extreme cars
When you start free ride extreme, go to the most north eastern point of Oakwood. Now place yourself so that you're looking down the street. Look at your right and you should see a telephone booth (on the sidewalk). There is a house with a blue door just right of the telephone booth. Go up to the door and the action icon will appear. Click the right mouse button (DEFAULT Right Mouse Button) and the icon will disappear. Nothing will say that you've unlocked all Free Ride Xtreme cars, but if you check the Free Ride car selection screen, the cars should be listed there.
Completing the race mission with ease
On the race mission, after you go through the first checkpoint turn left down what looks like a shortcut. Keep going until another checkpoint message appears, and then press NUM0. This will put you in front of the finish line in first place, just repeat this until you win.
Yellow Pete's Gun Shop
During Freeride, bring up the map. Yellow Pete's Gun Shop is located at the ''H'' in ''Hoboken''. Walk around the side of the building until you see an open door. Enter, and walk down the steps into a cellar with every gun in the game.

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