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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 - PS2 (Cheats - English)

Enter this in the cheat menu:
doasuperFull Special Meter
nospoonMatrix Code
superflyMoon Gravity
MULLENPOWERPerfect Balance for Manuals
SSBSTSPerfect Balance on Grinds and Lip Tricks
keeponrollinunlimited manualing
watch_me_xplodeUnlock Everything
Perfect manual, grind and lip trick balance (PAL ONLY)
Go to the Cheat Input Menu, and type in '2wheelin' to get infinite manual balance.

Go to the Cheat Input Menu, and type in 'belikegeoff' to get infinite grind and lip trick balance.

NOTE: The code will only work on PAL versions of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.
belikegeoffInfinite grind and Lip Trick Balance (PAL Only)
2wheelinInfinite Manual Balance (PAL Only)

Unlock Secret Skaters
Enter one of the names listed below to create a pre-made secret skater:
Todd Wahoske
Ted Barber
Team Chicken
Stealing Is Bad
Stacey Ytuarte
Stacey D
Rick Thorne
Pete Day
Parking Guy
Nolan Nelson
Mr. Brad
Mike Ward
Mike Lashever
Mike Day
Meek West
Maya's Daddy
Matt Mcpherson
Mat Hoffman
Marilena Rixfor
Lisa G Davies
Lindsey Hayes
Kevin Mulhall
John Rosser
Joe Favazza
Jim Jagger
Jason Uyeda
Henry Ji
Gary Jesdanun
Fakes The Clown
Dave Stohl
Chris Peacock
Chauwa Steel
Captain Liberty
Brian Jennings
Big Tex
Andrew Skates
Andy Marchal
Atiba Jefferson
Ben Scott Pye
Adam Lippman
Aaron Skillman
little man
Top Bloke
Zac ZiG Drake

Play as Daisy
Enter the options menu, then select ''Cheats''. Enter ''(o)(o)'' to unlock Daisy.
Some Skaters Unlocked (tested, unconfirmed)
Goto Options then Cheat Codes. Then enter ''homielist''. Without quotes.
Unlock Pro Skater Videos
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Andrew Reynolds's VideoComplete Andrew's Pro Challenge
Bam Margera's VideoComplete Bam's Pro Challenge
Bob Burnquist's VideoComplete Bob's Pro Challenge
Bucky Lasek's VideoComplete Bucky's Pro Challenge
Chad Muska's VideoComplete Chad's Pro Challenge
Elissa Steamer's VideoComplete Elissa's Pro Challenge
Eric Koston's VideoComplete Eric's Pro Challenge
Geoff Rowley's VideoComplete Geoff's Pro Challenge
Jamie Thomas's VideoComplete Jamie's Pro Challenge
Kareem Campbell's VideoComplete Kareem's Pro Challenge
Pro Bails VideoComplete a Custom Skater's Pro Challenge
Rodney Mullen's VideoComplete Rodney's Pro Challenge
Rune Glifberg's VideoComplete Rune's Pro Challenge
Steve Caballero's VideoComplete Steve's Pro Challenge
Tony Hawk's VideoComplete Tony's Pro Challenge

Get H-U-G-E combos
First, unlock the secret Jango Fett skater. Then, turn on the matrix mode, which make it really slow when you jump, but tricks go normal speed. Then, go to any park with Jango Fett. With martix mode on, jump into the air out of a half-pipe. You should be able to fill your special meter and then pull one of Jango's special moves, the one where the jet pack gives you a boost. ( right , left , O)
IF you keep doing this stunt over and over in midair, you will fly up and up and up, and you can pull infinite tricks! Just make sure you do the special trick occasionaly to keep you airborne.
NOTE: Don't do more than 249 stunts in a row, or it will freeze up, so stop at (score) x 249. Matrix mode MUST be on.

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